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Thinking Out Loud was born out of the Covid-19 crisis. As our church began to adjust to connecting with people through social media, we found two things. First, we found a great response from our church family! They greatly enjoyed having some extra biblical content to feed them throughout the week. Second, we found that we were reaching people far beyond our Jerusalem. We were beginning to reach Judea and Samaria! An extra blessing was that I enjoyed the ministry! As a pastor I recognize that online ministry is not, in and of itself, fulfillng the Great Commission, but I can clearly see God using it far beyond our normal reach.

I release a video each week on my Youtube channel. These videos are either vlogs or podcasts that cover a variety of topics related to the Christian life, and living out our "why". My goal is to help Christians take the next step in their Christian growth. Please feel free to subscribe tomy YouTube channel. (Link below.) I have also started a podcast (Thinking Out Loud with PJ) that can be found on all major podcast platforms. Some of the content is the same as my YouTube channel, but not all of it. If you don't want to miss anything plase make sure to subcribe to or follow both! Also, feel free to like our Facebook page. I lots of updates there! - Pastor Joshua

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